Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pray About Everything

     In the past 4 days, I have traveled across the ocean, seen Africa for the first time, heard stories from children who were treated badly because of something that is not their fault, met people living in conditions I have never seen anything like before. I've also eaten passion fruit, played games and baked muffins. I feel like I've done more in four days than any other time in my life.
     What keeps popping into my mind is a quote that is on our wall at church in the room where we have youth group. "Pray about everything, worry about nothing." The funny thing is, this quote is on the wall over the spot where I normally sit, so I never really noticed it until someone pointed it out. I can't reveal the full details of this story because what happens in youth group stays in youth group, but it's a great story. I don't know why out of all the things I've learned at church, this phrase is the one that I keep thinking of, but I find myself remembering it constantly whenever I see problems here that I know I cannot fix.
     I learned in Honduras that you can't go on mission trips and expect to fix everything, so I arrived in Africa aware that I would see heartbreak that I don't have the power to heal. What I am finding out is that what I can do is remember the stories of the people I meet, and I can share them. It seems to mean so much to them just that someone would take the time to listen. I can't fix their problems, but I guess that's not my job anyway. I know their stories now, and I will pray for them. I will tell others about them so they can pray for them to. I will try not to worry about anything, because that does no good. Pray about everything, worry about nothing. Repeat daily.

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