Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lessons From the Animals

     With all of the questioning I've been doing lately, everything I've been writing has been pretty heavy and serious. But now that all of those feelings are mostly behind me, it's nice to think about something lighter for a change, something ordinary.
     Today I found a bird's nest in our yard. It had fallen from a tree but I don't think any birds were to badly affected by the disappearance of their home because it was empty, no baby birds or eggs. When I looked at the nest, I was shocked by how intricate it was. It was woven together tightly into an almost perfect circle, no holes or uneven places. It's fascinating to me that a little bird is able to build itself such a sturdy and
beautiful home. God gives birds the ability to build nests to live in, and as far as I know, birds never doubt that ability. How much more would I accomplish if I believed in my abilities and didn't spend so much time questioning them?
     Not even an hour later when I was on a bike ride with Mama, we saw what I first thought was a cat. When we got closer, we realized it was a young fox. It quickly went into the woods, but it was so cool to get to see that for a few seconds. This sighting was especially exciting to me because of something that happened earlier this summer. One night when my parents were on a bike ride not far from our house, they saw some foxes in a field. I went back to that place with them several times after that to try and see them for myself, but they were never there. I eventually assumed they were not there any more, and stopped going to look for them. Then today when I wasn't looking for foxes or thinking about them at all. there one was right in front of me. This reminded me of how I am in my relationship with God sometimes. When I don't like how things are going and he's not clearly showing up and making things make sense to me, I let my faith grow weak and stop searching for Him. Then when I least expect it, He shows up as if to say "Here I am, I was never far away, you just couldn't see me."
     When God created the Earth, He made humans last. He made this world full of pretty things and then put people here to live in it. That seems like a really nice gift, and I'm glad I got to learn from His creation today

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