Sunday, January 4, 2015

Just Say No

As I was deciding on my first blog worthy topic of 2015, I had a short period of writers block which I attempted to cure with internet research. As I was browsing through "new year" related blog topic ideas, I came across a list of suggested resolutions which included "say yes more", and it gave me an idea. What if I turned that around and decided to "say no more" ?That sounds ridiculous at first, but I can explain my reasoning.
Yes is a nice word that can lead to terrific things, but it's easy to forget that we don't have to, and sometimes shouldn't, say yes to everything. I was reminded recently how inspiring it is when someone, after much thought and prayer, says no to something that is not right for them. It's easy to convince ourselves that if we are going to live a lifestyle that reflects our beliefs, we must show the world how strong our faith is by saying yes to everything that comes our way and trusting that God will make it all work out. We often forget that it is God who equipped us with the ability to say no.
Thinking about this, I began to realize that sometimes saying no to something is a way of saying yes to something else. By saying no to the things that are not right for us, even if they are honorable things, we allow more time and space in our lives for the things we are individually called to say yes to. It's not easy, because
saying no can cause you to feel guilty, but maybe it's time to let go of that guilt. What will you say no to this year?

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