Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Sun's In My Eyes!

     Tonight after recklessly having a second cupcake at our campus ministry meeting (Why am I publicly admitting that?), I decided to remedy some of the damage by taking a bike ride around campus. This campus is pretty small (a little over a half a mile from the dorms to the very farthest point where there is still a sidewalk to ride on), so I had to make several loops to accomplish my goal distance for the night. Not very far into my ride, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my sunglasses, and I knew that was going to be a pain since the sun was starting to set. When I'm at home, my mom always reminds me to wear my sunglasses on
My first view of the sun, a painful light in my eyes
my bike rides, so I had to laugh at my failure to remember this simple thing on my own despite my perception of being an independent young adult. Sure enough, when I reached the end of the sidewalk and turned around, I was met with a blaring light in my eyes. For a few seconds, it was very unpleasant. I could hardly see where I was going and was having to squint and strain my eyes to stay focused. I was already heading
towards a grumpy mood because it's just been one of those days where nothing really goes how I want it to, and I was inwardly scolding myself for forgetting such a simple thing that would have avoided so much discomfort. But as I kept going, the sun slowly got lower in my line of vision, and a very beautiful sunset was eventually revealed.
     I think this situation is an example of what sometimes happens with circumstances in my life. It's hard to go through things that hurt us, especially when we can't understand in the moment what good could possibly ever come from a particularly painful time. I have struggled with this a lot lately, but my observation on my bike ride tonight reminded me of a lesson I've had to learn before. It often seems like you don't see the good in a situation until you are not in it anymore and your life is moving forward. When you get over the hill, the blaring light turns into a view that is really very nice to look at.
My second view, much easier to look at and enjoy.

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