Saturday, July 5, 2014

Taking the Scenic Route

     As a person of a certain age, no longer a child but not really a full time adult, there seems to be a certain set of questions that I am met with at any social gathering. The dialogue of this exchange goes something like this.

Caring Adult. I bet you're glad to be home for the summer! Are you working this summer?

Me: Well I was but I'm not anymore I'm not working

Caring Adult: Oh..So what are you majoring in at school?

Me: Well I go to a two year college and I have to transfer to a four year school before I really declare a major, It's called Richard Bland and no, you've never heard of it.

Caring Adult: Well are you ready for your trip? When are you leaving?

Me, Suddenly cured of social awkwardness, begins excitedly sharing the details.

In a lot of areas, I sometimes feel like I am falling behind. I am nineteen years old and jobless without a completely solidified plan for my future. My social life isn't filling up the calender and let's just say there aren't exactly droves of eligible young men knocking down my door. I very easily get caught up in believing that my life isn't moving fast enough and that I need to be concerned about it. But when I really stop and think about it, I realize that I'm only concerned about these things because everyone else seems to think I should be.

The truth is, not being tied down to things and not having the full responsibilities of an adult yet is what allows me to do things like travel to Honduras and have this experience that impacts me so much. True, I do want to settle down in the future and have a family and a job of some sort and I would really appreciate it if the beginning stages of that process would start sometime before my hundredth birthday. But I shouldn't let that take away from the fact that I am getting to see part of the world while I am young, which not many people get to do. I know that this experience is one that I will remember for a very long time and there are a lot more adventures that I still want to have. It has finally occurred to me that maybe my lack of social
Random picture of the place we stayed at in Honduras.
 I can't wait to be back there on Tuesday
oppurtunites and employment is a blessing in disguise. In the end when growing up is complete, the majority of people end up at pretty much the same destination. I am taking the scenic route. It's the slower route and sometimes a lonely one, but in the end, I think the experiences it allows will be worth it.

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