Saturday, April 19, 2014

A lot like Judas

     It took me a while to find something to write about today. I didn't want to ignore Easter, but every Easter related topic I could think about had already been done. I think all of my readers know by now that Easter isn't about a bunny, so I ruled out that topic. I've heard the Easter story many times, as I'm sure you all have, and it was hard to find a new perspective to discuss, but I think I did it.
     As I was re-reading the Easter story that I thought I knew by heart, one character stood out in my mind. Judas is usually thought of as the betrayer, the guy who sold out his friend for a few coins. It's easy to write him off as a villian and move on with the story. But when I really stopped to think about it, I realized that I am a lot like Judas. When things are easy and there's no temptation around, I can let myself think that I am doing just fine in my relationship with Jesus, and that surely nothing will change that. But then I have to face reality, and in reality I sin. I get angry and jealous and judgemental. I don't always speak up and defend my faith, which is the same as betraying Jesus like Judas did. While I would like to say that I am like Jesus, in truth I often act more like Judas.
     But what if Judas hadn't betrayed his friend? The betrayal set the rest of the story in motion. It was all part of the plan. Was betraying his friend the right thing for Judas to do? No, but God used it piece of the puzzle. A rough, jagged ugly piece maybe, but without it the puzzle would be incomplete.
     Realizing this gave me a new perspective on my sins and shortcomings. I think instead of getting so mad at myself when I do the wrong thing, I should start to see my bad moments as part of the plan.   I still need to ask for forgiveness and acknowledge when I am wrong, but I need to stop holding on to my guilt. I need to let God take the rough, jagged pieces and smooth them down until they fit into the puzzle of His plan.

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