Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life's Not Fair, And Here's Why That's Actually A Good Thing.

This blog post is up later than normal. That's because it's a busy week for me, and also because I was trying too hard to write about something I didn't even believe in. Today I am discouraged and I am exhausted, and I was trying way too hard to find some silver lining to place around my feelings, and salvage some moral lesson  from my discouragement to wisely share with you. After struggling with this for a while, something clicked in my head and I came to a conclusion. This is my blog, that I have decided to write because I want to. It is not an assignment that a teacher has given me, and the only requirements it has are the ones I decide to implement for myself. I do not have to find a silver lining when there just isn't one. 
I realized that I am living in a society that is obsessed with convincing everyone that everything can be fair, and that if you simply try hard enough, you will succeed. But the hard truth is, the world is an unfair place. No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise, unfair things will keep happening and showing us the truth.
     As embarrassing as it is to admit, sometimes as a Christian, I mistakenly expect that God will reward me constantly just for believing in Him and behaving like a "good Christian". Something in the back of my brain tends to think that because I remembered to read my devotional this morning and was polite to people who annoyed me throughout the day, I will have a great day free of disappointment. But at the end of the day, I have to face the reality that the world is an unfair place, no matter how I act.
     It's easy to get really mad about this, and to really be mad about how unfair the world is. It's tempting for me to question God when things aren't going the way I think I should. But through all of these disconnected feelings that my brain is trying to piece together into a message that actually makes sense to my readers, I realized something that helps put the unfairness of life into perspective.
     The most unfair thing that ever happened is a man being brutally put to death for sins he did not commit so that I can have an eternal life I don't deserve. That's not fair to Jesus, because he didn't do anything wrong, and on the reverse, it's not fair to me because I did lots of stuff wrong and I still get rewarded in the end. So the next time I get caught up in all the unfair things in my life, maybe I need to stop and realize that if life was fair in every aspect, I wouldn't get to go to Heaven. I need to realize that if I want everything to be fair, then technically that means I have to admit that I deserve to go to Hell. I certainly don't want to go there, so the next time I am tempted to complain that life's not fair, I will try to stop and realize that unfairness is going to work out in my favor in the end.

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