Thursday, March 13, 2014

He Said Go.

 Going to Honduras for the second time is a lot different than going the first time. It's not a new thing anymore, and there's really no fear involved because I know what to expect. This year, I'm not a first timer, and I'm also not the youngest team member. It's been hard for me to process that it's not going to be the same as last year, because last year's trip truly was a life changing time for me. It was so amazing the first year that I find myself thinking that it can't possibly be as amazing the second time, but everyone who's gone more than once assures me that it will be.
      Up until now, I've had a certain routine when it comes to my role on the mission team. I'm the quiet one, I listen politely through the meetings and just go with the flow. I let the other people handle the unpleasant topics, but today I've decided to test the limits of my comfort zone and explore a somewhat controversial question that we sometimes get asked as members of this team. Fasten your seat belts, readers, I'm about to speak my mind.
     The question that we often get asked, and that I will answer the best I can, is this. Why do you go all the way to Honduras to do mission work? . International mission trips are expensive, and there's plenty of ways to serve right here at home. People like to point out that it would be more cost effective to stay closer to home, and maybe that's true. But in my humble, unprofessional opinion, maybe God's plans are bigger than money. Here's why I say that.
     When I first heard the cost of the trip last year, I was honestly concerned. In my 18 year old brain, the number I saw on paper seemed very big. I didn't understand how we could possibly raise that much money. But God provided for us, and although it was stressful at times, we raised the money we needed and we were fine. Fundraising can be hard work, but once we get to Honduras and see the faces of those children, the stress of money is forgotten.
     So why do I go to Honduras? Mainly because I feel like that's what God has called me to do. I feel like he wants me to stop focusing on trying to understand every detail of His plan and start relying on faith. Trying to figure out the plan before being obedient to it has never worked for me, so I've had to learn to trust a plan I can't fully understand. I'm still working on applying that trust to every element of my life.
     People also wonder why those of us who have already gone continue to go back multiple times. I think you have experience it personally to fully understand that, but I'll try to explain it. If you went on a trip and met new friends, wouldn't you want to come back and see them if you had the chance? I met people in Honduras who I now consider my friends. I want to go see them again. I can't be certain that I will see the same children I saw last year, but that's a risk I want to take.
     Right now, I feel that going to Honduras is part of God's plan for me. I need to worry less about making everyone else understand that and focus on getting prepared to do what I need to do when we get there. But I did feel like I wanted to tackle this question, and I hope I have helped in some way to support this mission and all that it means to me. The verse that the mission team recited throughout the week last year sums it up best.
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?
And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
He said, “Go

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