Monday, March 24, 2014

The Story Behind the Name and Overcoming my Doubts

If you have ever wondered how I got the name for this blog, today is your lucky day. The name comes from the lyrics of a song I heard on K-love called I Will Lift My Eyes. It was one of those songs I instantly liked the first time I heard it. My favorite lyrics of the song are I will lift my eyes to the Maker of the mountains I can't climb. I love those words because they remind me that God is the Creator of everything, including the things that challenge me. Those comforting words stuck with me ever since I first heard the song, so that's why I chose it for the name of my blog. In the past, I have let my challenges defeat me instead of remembering that God is the One who created them and can help me overcome them, so the those words help remind me that God has it under control.
Speaking of the things that challenge me, let's talk about my feelings about the blog lately. It started in a moment of bravery and confidence, and I've kept it up. But now I'm starting to realize that people actually do read it, and it kind of scares me. Adults with busy lives are taking time out of their day to read the ramblings of a college freshman. That's crazy! Suddenly, those insecurities I thought I had conquered are starting to creep back up. What if my writing isn't actually very good? What if people are just reading it to be nice?  What if I say something wrong? I am very prone to doubting myself, I guess it's just become a habit. But I want to break that habit, so I will forge ahead with this blogging mission. Writing is something that makes me feel good, and I believe it's a talent God wants me to use, so I will. I thank you all so much for supporting me in this journey, and putting up with my ever changing attitudes along the way. I am very thankful for anyone who is taking the time to read this. It really does mean a lot to me.

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