Saturday, March 8, 2014

How's The Family?

     It's probably way too early in the blogging process for me to start being cynical. I was about to write about how great it is to be home and what a wonderful feeling it is to live in a small town, but I guess I'm too rebellious to say those things. Everyone told me I would miss this place when I left it, but I'm still waiting for that to happen. Sure, I missed my family and my friends, but I didn't really miss living here. So when a trip to the grocery store today turned in to me having to give reports on my Grandma, parents, and brother to people I barely know, I was pretty bent out of shape. After getting used to being in a place where no one knows me or my family, It seemed strange that people would ask these things and not think of it as rude. I was getting pretty annoyed, and it was probably starting to show.
     As I was driving home, I began to think about how I could put a positive spin on these negative feelings, and I realized something. People want to know about my family because they are well liked members of the community. My Grandma has done a lot to help lots of people, and as a result, lots of people care about her. People are constantly asking about that "smart and handsome brother of mine" because they're proud of him. He's accomplished a lot, and people like to hear about it. Though it's hard for me to accept it, in small towns like this, what I would consider being nosy is just people trying to show that they care.
     So the next time someone blocks my path to the checkout line to request a report on each member of the Diggs family, I will try to put aside my annoyance and appreciate the fact that so many people care about us. While I can't say that I have found a way to love small town life, I can say that I am grateful that my home town is filled with people who care about my family. This may not be my favorite place on earth right now, but it's my home, and it's where I'll always know that I am loved.

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