Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Learning to Be Bold

     For me, the easiest way to find something to write about is just by observing the different situations I am in throughout my daily life. Eventually, I will notice a common theme that is on my mind a lot and sometimes it something that I can write about. I have recently discovered one of those common themes in my life, so that's what I decided to talk about today. (Let's just take a moment to acknowledge how pointless that introductory paragraph was. Too many English classes have influenced this writer. Okay, moving on.)
      One of the hardest parts of trying to find a job, at least for me, is just having to walk into places and ask people if they are hiring. Last summer I was lucky enough to not really have to go through this process, so it's not something I have much experience with. It is a very awkward exchange, and I don't really enjoy it very much. But I have gotten to the point where I want a job bad enough that I understand that it is a necessary thing to do. Despite the reactions I might get, I try to remember that the more I try, the higher my chances of getting a positive answer are.
      In the same way, being on a mission team that needs to raise money requires some awkward promoting. It is uncomfortable to do things like go in public places and ask to put fliers up, and approach people about buying tickets to our fundraisers, but the simple truth is that we need money to make this work and fundraising is how we get it. It may not be our favorite thing to do, but I think we all have learned the importance of this step in the process.
     Being bold is not something that comes naturally to me. I would be happy if a job would just fall into my lap, or if I could just let someone else do the advertising for our fundraisers, but that is not realistic. Sometimes in life it is necessary to be bold, and that is not a bad thing. It just means that I am becoming confident enough to believe in what I am trying to accomplish, and having the courage to act on that belief.


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