Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The 50th Post

     Today marks the 50th time I have written a post for this blog, and it seems like I just started. I am so surprised and thankful for the amount of support I've gotten already. I can't believe so many people take the time to see what I have to say so often. Sometimes I feel silly doing this, but I have discovered that people really are getting something out of reading what I write, and that makes me very excited.
     I didn't really have a goal in mind when I started out with this, I just thought it would be a fun thing to try. As of right now, I have decided that I want to try to blog every other day for a year at least. I thought that since I have reached this little milestone I would share with you my goals for the blog.
     In July when I go to Honduras, I am hoping to bring my computer with me and blog from there so I can tell you all about the trip as it is happening. The place we stayed at had Wi-Fi last year, so I am hoping that plan will work out. I think it will be exciting for me to be able to share that experience with you while I am experiencing it as well.
     The other thing I want to do is to broaden the content of the blog. I think my main focus will always be writing about my thoughts like I do now, but there are other things I want to try and incorporate. I definitely want to start using actual photographs sometimes instead of always using a quote for the picture. I have even thought about doing things like reading a book and reviewing it or something like that.
     Whatever happens, I am very excited with how this is going so far. I am having fun and learning to share my thoughts in a somewhat mature and productive way, and people seem to have positive reactions, and that's really all I could ask for.


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